About me


I am a psychotherapist in advanced training. I work in private practice and in the charity sector, offering counselling and psychotherapy. I have a diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy from The Metanoia Institute and am studying for an MSc in Psychotherapy at Exeter University   I have training in Integrative Arts Therapy, the Enneagram, Voice Dialogue and Psychodrama, so I bring an eclectic mix to my client work.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I operate within their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. 


Helen Sanderson-Davies, psychotherapist

About therapy

At different times in our lives, many of us need a little extra help. You may be feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward, whether that’s in a relationship, at work, with family issues, parenting, even bereavement. Or you might be struggling with depression, anxiety, or behaviours that aren’t serving you. Most people find it really helps to have someone impartial and non-judgemental to talk to. Whatever it is, I can offer you a way of addressing the issues you’re facing and taking greater control over your life.

People usually seek therapy because they want to change something. It might be the way they feel or the way they behave; it might be how they believe other people see them, or how they see themselves. It might be the things they think about or dwell upon, or the way they get on with others. Whatever it is, therapy offers you a space to talk about what it is you want to change and to consider how to bring that change about – or simply finding healing through working through grief and trauma.

The space I provide is safe, confidential and non-judgemental. As your therapist I see myself as someone to support you on your journey, whether that be reflecting on the past or making plans for the future, having someone to hold that space for your inner exploration can support transformation and change. I will be someone to discuss your direction with; a second pair of eyes to see things from a different perspective. I am also a highly-trained professional who can offer insights to make sense of your experience.

How I work

Coming from a creative background I am particularly interested in some of the challenges that creative people struggle with. Depression, alienation, scapegoating, addictions and trauma. I combine some of the principles of relational psychotherapy with TA, using talking and creative methods when this might be helpful.

I am very influenced by Carl Jung and interested in working with the shadow and dreams.

You can read more about my psychotherapy sessions here.

The therapist is your partner on your journey towards change